Assembly Information
Tutorial Information

bulletRec.models.rockets -- On line information.
bulletROCKETRY FAQ (DOYLE TATUM VERSION) GENERAL A different, but very useful FAQ
bulletSolid Rocket Motor Tutorial -- Learn about the rocket motors.
bulletModel Rocket Motor Dimensions -- information about the Dimensions of Model Rocket Motors.
bulletHemisphere Parachute Design -- information on how to make larger parachutes.  (also see Software)
bulletModel Rocket Motor Dimensions -- Useful chart with size dimensions of all (?) know hobby rocket motors.
bulletInteresting Facts About Balsa Wood -- "Gee Whiz" info, unless you are interested in compition -- or ??
bulletRocket Equations -- More information, about the math of a rocket.
bulletAnimated Solid Rocket Motor Tutorial -- Software to teach about rocket motors. (also see Software)
bulletMisc Tips Safty, help and other...